A fair amount of what we do is open source, either through projects we initiate or through projects where we are primary contributors.  A fair amount of what we do is not open source, for one reason or another, but here’s a list of some projects which might be of interest.

Open-source Software

2008-present     cPRO – Patient Reported Outcomes                                                            http://cprohealth.org
A system that delivers standard and customized survey instruments to web, tablet, and mobile platforms, and which accommodates both research and clinical workflows.  I am “senior author” of cPRO, leading the conception of the work and the overall system design and architecture, guiding  the user interface, developing funding sources and collaborations, organizing the software and releasing as open source, writing of public content for the web site, and scholarly publication.  The initial core code for these projects was written or modified by my research group, under my supervision.

2006-present     OpenELIS/Global – Lab Information System                                     http://openelisglobal.org
Building on the OpenELIS system developed by the Association of public health laboratories and a group of state health departments, my work has been to develop an new version of this system tailored to meet the needs of clinical and reference laboratories in resource poor settings.  Our version of the system is now implemented in three countries, with a fourth beginning in fall, 2013.  I am “senior author” of OpenELIS/Global, guiding the modification of the system for resource poor settings, enhancing the architecture, and working with the OpenELIS foundation.

2012-2014     KenyaEMR – Electronic Medical Record                                                       http://kenyaemr.org (was http://kenyaemr.org)
A distribution of the open source OpenMRS electronic medical record designed to needs of the Kenyan Ministry of Heath, and incorporating novel approaches to installation and maintenance to facilitate deployment and operations in resource poor settings.  I did the initial design work for KenyaEMR, and provide overall technical and architectural leadership. Software development is done by a mix of Kenyan and Seattle-based programmers.

2010-2012         Gossamer – Syndromic Surveillance                                                 http://gossamerhealth.org
A system for syndrome based surveillance of anonymized clinical visit information, developed in response to the information sharing goals of public health agencies, and then nationally deployed in response to the H1N1 (“swine-flu”) pandemic of 2009-10. I have had the same “senior author” role with Gossamer that I did with cPRO.

2005-2011         iSante – Electronic Medical Record                                                                        http://isante.org
A web-based electronic medical will record originally developed for HIV care and extended to primary care and maternal and child health, and deployed broadly in over 80 government facilities in Haiti.  I was “senior author” through 2011, when our project sponsors grew reluctant to continue open source releases of the software.

2000-2002         IML – Image Markup Language                            http://faculty.washington.edu/Lober/iml/
An image annotation system exploring the feasibility of using eXtended Markup Language to represent image markup and textual annotation. The 2000 publication of this work described it’s used to annotate and Atlas of anatomic images.  I was “first author”, responsible for its creation and all aspects of project work, including scholarly publication.

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