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The Clinical Informatics Research Group (CIRG http://cirg.washington.edu) designs, develops, and operates information systems to support research to improving individual and population health.  CIRG systems securely manage health information for projects in the Clinical, Public Health, and Global Health Informatics domains. Our collaborators are based at the University of Washington, and at health care organizations across the US and around the world.  Our team is lead by Dr. Bill Lober, whose background is in emergency medicine and computer engineering, and our staff consists of graduate students, software developers, system programmers, and experts in interaction design/usability and system operations.

Note the Open Source theme to our work…  Its been a common pattern for us to either build O/S infrastructure initially for use in our projects, or to take the first major re-engineering opportunity to redevelop systems based on a more general framework, which we then release as O/S.  We’re not fanatics about it; but we think it makes good sense from the perspectives of both scholarly and practical dissemination of our work.

Of course, some of what we do is not open source, for a variety of reasons.  All of the open source projects, and some of the others, are listed below.

Clinical Informatics

  • Computerized Patient Reported Outcomes
    Open Source system for multi-platform Patient Reported Outcomes, using a wide range of custom surveys and validated instruments, including PROMIS measures.  cPRO is used in Cancer, Pain, and HIV/AIDS PRO work. https://sites.google.com/a/uw.edu/dhair – This older site has mostly been moved to http://cprohealth.org, but this contains team and publication information specific to the DHAIR collaborations that form a major subset of cPRO work.
  • mPOWEr
    Mobile application, in collaboration with Heather Evans, for patient centered post-operative assessment of potential surgical wound infections.

Global Health Informatics

  • OpenELIS Global
    Open Source Lab Information System implemented in Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, and Vietnam. Approximately 30 sites worldwide
  • iSante – Electronic Medical Record
    A web-based electronic medical record originally developed for HIV care and extended to primary care and maternal and child health, and deployed broadly in over 80 government facilities in Haiti. Information site (no longer updated, used 2005-2011).
    There is additional iSante documentation here: http://code.google.com/p/isante. iSante is open source, but we’ve not been as good about packaging and distributing it as we have with other products.
  • Kenya Health Informatics
    Wide-spread EMR implementation and extending interoperability using open source tools with other HIS components within the national eHealth Architecture.
  • KenyaEMR
    Open Source, module-based implementation of OpenMRS medical record for a widespread Kenya MOH implementation.

Public Health Informatics

  • Gossamer Health
    Open Source surveillance system used to implement the “cloud” version of the Distribute surveillance system.
    A voluntary data sharing surveillance project based on Gossamer Health software
  • Distribute restricted site
    Nationwide influenza surveillance for the International Society of Disease Surveillance, developed under auspices of CDC and Markle Foundation

Archival Footage… (Past Glories)

Contact Info

New employees “start here” page

all email addresses are @uw.edu

Principal Investigators

  • Bill Lober, MD MS  (lober)
    +1206 616 6685
  • Heather Evans, MD MS (hlevans)
    +1206 744 2227
  • Donna Berry, PhD RN (dlberry)
    +1617 632 1909
  • Janet Baseman, PhD (jbaseman)
    +1206 616 1495

Technical Program Managers

  • Jan Flowers (jflow2)
    Global Health
  • Justin McReynolds (mcjustin)
    Public Health and Clinical


University District – corner of NE 45th St and Brooklyn Ave N., 11th floor
(UW ID gets you into the building, but the floor is secured so you need to contact us for entry)

USPS Address:
Clinical Health Informatics Research Group
Box 359442
Seattle, WA 98195-9442

UPS, FedEx, courier, etc:
Clinical Health Informatics Research Group
4333 Brooklyn Ave – 11th floor
Seattle, WA 98195-9442

Technical support:

(outside of routine US Pacific Coast hours, please use the phone only for major issues with production systems. It will be answered, and will wake someone up…)
Phone: +1206 452 3625
Email: cirghelp@uw.edu

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